We got our car back today..months after we took it in for repair.

  • You may remember the missus got stuck in floodwater while driving our new Renault Oroch in November. Thankfully her insurance policy covered such an event so they agreed to cover the cost of engine repairs to get it up and running again....the car was still under warranty which probably helped plus the fact her and her mother have never claimed in all the years they've been with the same company.

    The same positive view can't be said of the Renault dealership who really weren't at all interested in repairing it even though the car was still under warranty plus the insurance company agreeing to cover the whole cost. So huffy were Renault about it in the end she had to get a lawyer to have a little word in their ear before they backed down and agreed to take it. The original estimated time of repair was going to be three months however with more encouragement from the lawyer they finally completed it in two. :rolleyes:

    The missus says she will never have a Renault car again.

  • I was about to say the same thing. Since their attitude was so poor, they might not have triple-checked everything. I hope it’s in new condition again, and ready to ramble!

  • .......and in meantime China builds a hospital for thousands of people infected with the corona virus, from scratch, in 10 days!!!!

  • .......and in meantime China builds a hospital for thousands of people infected with the corona virus, from scratch, in 10 days!!!!

    When I read that same account, I couldn't help wondering whether it was factual. How would they do it? It would take longer than that, to get beds and equipment into a hospital that large. Not to mention construction???

    I'm glad the Chinese aren't relying upon @UK Man's mechanic as the construction foreman

  • I'd be interested to know what they did exactly. What parts were replaced for example.

    And as far as insurance is concerned, I'm surprised they were so uncooperative since insurance claims are a sure fire hit for repair shops to scam the insurers over here.

    As to what work was actually carried out you have to assume it's what was printed out on the itemised bill which the insurance company will also receive. It'll be up to them to question if it was necessary or not. I do know a part of the engine was sent to another local company to fix as this mob couldn't do it.

    Given the impression I got was that this dealership is run by a bunch of chancers it wouldn't surprise me at all if they scam the insurance company...probably the norm here anyway.

  • UK Man ......I have a Duster also.......many things to complain about, buuut extremely reliable through its genuine Renault engine 2.0 F4R in mine.

    In Europe the duster is Dacia Duster, looks same but is totally different, a real crap mobile.....the Dacia company not really known for their reliability!

    I Argentina you NEED to buy what is sold most, to guarantee that you will have spare part supply and that it's at reasonable prices!

    I have had mine from zero km, and now over 100.000 km, never had problems, except of the normal ones, battery replacement, doing all the routine jobs brakes , transmission, water pump, tires etc etc. Also changed exaust and a pipes.

    Actually drove low on oil for long time until I recognized it.......didn't go boom! Did that on my xr600 also for some time, also survived.......only real tractors survive that!!!!

  • We shall see....Ford seems to be the wife's preferred brand. She's taken a dislike to Renault because of her silly decision to drive it through water thinking as it was a pick-up it should be capable of doing anything. The first time she engaged the 4 wheel drive feature on a sodden dirt road she nearly put us in a ditch!!

  • I've had Fords ever since my first company car, a Cortina in 1981, and they never let me down. Numerous Cortinas, Sierras, Granadas and Scorpios sped me around the UK and Europe and then I bought an Ecosport here in 2008. That was the only one I had problems with when the engine mountings broke, which required engine removal.

    However, the mechanic screwed up with the timing chain which ruined the head and it spent another two weeks in the pit.

    For reliability though, Ford are pretty damned good.

  • We’ve had Ford Explorers for 20 years, and have loved them. During that time, we also had a Jaguar XJ6 which was a dream to drive. But for hauling masses of STUFF around, and for dependability, Ford is unbeatable.