Some food , drink and leisure ideas from the NY Times

  • I always enjoy reading this kind of article. And just when I’m starting to scoff at how little the writer knows (in this case, that in Argentina “Political about-faces happen regularly, and the economy is often in flux.  HUH?? Need a definition of “regularly” and “often??”), before I know it, I learn something. Never knew that Pablo Rivera owned El Preferido. Interesting. But readers who go there for the article’s description of it as an “elegant, high-ceilinged restaurant “ will instead find a traditional bodegón with open shelves holding stacks of canned tomatoes and jars of olives. Perhaps Ms. Wulfhart confused it with Don Julio (Don’t be discouraged; despite her warning that “you have to book months in advanceat Don Julio, we’ve never had any trouble making same-week reservations.).

    I hadn’t heard of Restaurante Julia in Villa Crespo, but it sounds as if their food is tasty and the small space could be cozy. Will give it a try.

  • I re-read the NYT article posted by GlasgowJohn, “Thirty-six Hours in Buenos Aires”and wanted to comment that the writer seemed to go out of her way to feature places that don’t appear on must tourist lists.

    (OK, a little snarky: I’ve heard rare steak referred to as ‘blue’ or ‘azul,’ but never as ‘bleu.’ Did her menu come in French?)

    I was surprised to see that she included Espacio Memoria, as the ESMA museum is called. Good for visitors to learn what went on in Argentina during 1976-83, though I can’t see someone in BsAs for 36 hours spending half a day going all the way out there.