Precios Cuidados, aka Déjà Vu

  • Still, there’s a real argument to be made that KitKats are an essential dietary item....

    To be honest, some of the Precios Cuidados items are nor essential nor healthy food, like alfajores, dulce de leche, hair conditioner, leche chocolatada, various spoon dessert, red wine, white wine, Coke, other soda/pops, biscuits, jelly, wafers.

    If there are sweets, sugar and white flour, soda/pops why not KitKat?!

    The current list can be found HERE.

  • Red wine....I think it's all Tetra Brick stuff

    I can understand why a wine producing nation will do this , But why don't they go fo a decent bottle of grog....

    Maybe a Catena Zapata malbec at 150 pesos....

    Now that would be a vote winner !

  • asuming that the poor population is hungering and suffering from malnutrition, the products in the program just makes u serafina mentioned, many of the products are NOT "essential"! It just confirms my ongoing suspicion that the "powerty" argumentation is not what other would categorize as real powerty but rather a lack of being able to live like other developed countries population! I have always wondered, both here and abroad, how anyone can seriously argue they don't have enough to eat but at same time enough to drink, smoke, make asado and use cell phones. Just does not come together for me! I'm actually also poor then, because sometimes I prioritise stuff and at the end I do not have enough for other important stuff.

    The program is made to keep the people happy, not to protect them or whatever....

    This kind of programs tend to have a tremendous success, just look at Venezuela.....

  • 0779018904112-1.jpg?v=635823607962370000vino-blanco-tetra-brik-caja-x-1lt-D_NQ_NP_735497-MLA31061896365_062019-F.jpg

    Red wine....I think it's all Tetra Brick stuff

    Yes, there are currently 6 wines listed, and 4 are Tetra Brick wines. The kind I find all over the sidewalk in the morning, next to homeless people sleeping on the street. For as much as I love wine, I don't think that subsidized tetra brick wine to poor people is a great idea in a crime-ridden high-unemployment society... or is it just me?!

    On a side note, there is ONE condom brand in the precios cuidados and one deodorant. That I like!

  • would be funny to see the numbers sold of each item........ hahaha

    I think there would be a surprisingly non balanced tendency.....

    And yes serafina condoms n deodorant should be free here..... specially condoms in certain neighborhoods.....not just a right to purchase, AN OBLIGATION hahaha!

    Again like you mentioned, all the sugary and snack items.... terrible.....!

    I cannot stand watching people snacking all day long..... terrible to watch......the mother of my daughters family tend to have cookies and snacks open on the table 24/7.......even the "breakfast" in the school of my daughter consist of crackers and biscuits and juice......u would go to jail for that in my country!!! (Of course not, but come-on).

  • Argentina never quite caught up then.

    Funnily enough my wife had family from Buenos Aires visiting us today and they were very interested to hear my thoughts on the country's economy, especially the boys who are now adults.

    Whereas previously I tended to be diplomatic today I decided to let fly. The father, who according to my wife is a bit of a K, wasn't too impressed with what I had to say....most of which was along the lines of Argentina being run more along the lines of a third world country.

    Thankfully the boys agreed and said Argetinas worst enemy is itself.