African scams

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  • A Jack of all trades, it seems:

  • should apply for residency/citizenship and become president here!!!! (after changing Constitution)....we already got a lawyer for him!!!!!!

    Many of the points are not far of from what people believe here!!!!!

  • It shouldn't take him very long to learn the party line: Christina, good. Macri, bad. Alberto, irrelevant.

  • A post on my Facebook, The last British President page:


    My name is musa masemola king kwandebele government yeentjhaba lonal authorities onele owerhede 4756 i have problem evriday is pepoels to Sheldon kwamhlanga is kill me for my Maney and my place kwandebele government is wishies me and is use medicin snack traditional Hellas to kill me for my Maney and my place kwandebele government so i need help to safe my life to arest them to my life and to my maney becos i sick evriday dis pepoels is not care and is stop clinic kwamhlanga and hospital kwamhlanga to help me is pay them

  • Wow. That one sure beats all variations on the theme of the reader as beneficiary of a fortune in a Nigerian bank.