NOLA - Fancy some cajún?

  • We live quite close to the famous NOLA. It is packed all times of the day. At night, there are people sitting on the sidewalk with a beer because there is no more place to sit left. Expats, local, and tourists... all want to try a bite of cajún kitchen.

    Just watching the video makes my mouth water! I have been there once many years ago, and now that's four blocks away I never go. :rolleyes:

  • NOLA would probably have overflow crowds even if it weren’t such a tiny place, but tiny it is. I can testify not only that the New Orleans food is authentic but that NOLA could hold its own among restaurants in its namesake city. My favorite is the fried chicken.

    The other half of the partnership is a small artisanal brewery. Wine lovers, better learn to drink beer!