What's your thought on the Apple Watch?

  • I was never impressed with the Apple watch, but if it avoids me from taking out my phone to check why it is vibrating, the better.

    Except maybe it's better to have a phone stole off your hand that the whole hand together with the Apple watch.

    I just want to be able to see if I the notification is for something worth taking out my phone or not. Do other brands of smartwatches accomplish the same result?


  • if your objective is not to attract thieves, serafina , then wearing an Apple Watch probably isn’t your answer.

    Most fitness trackers sync to your phone and tell you who is calling. They cost anywhere from $30 to $200, with the low end, more basic, models giving you the same caller ID info as the ones with more functions.

  • I just want to see who is the sender of emails/whatsapp. Sometimes I receive a notification and it is a mass email, and I swear because I have to take out my precious phone for a stupid mass mail. Other times I don't check (maybe I am in another room and miss the notification) and I miss a job! :(

    I guess that if I had the thing on my wrist it would be faster to know.

  • True. But every thief in town would see your status symbol watch. Remember, we have a friend who was nearly dragged down Defensa by someone who was trying to steal what he didn’t realize was a fake Rolex.

  • My doctor wears one. The last time I was there to see him he never stopped looking and touching the ruddy thing. Probably to see which one of his fancy women had got in touch with him. :rolleyes:

  • He's actually a very nice chap...we get on well as like me he's a lover of the great outdoors. Not that I see him that often right enough....about once every three years.

    His wife on the other hand looks a bit of a dour character.

  • It's the best smartwatch, period. It is the best designed (build quality), the most intuitive and useable, and has the best selection of apps. However, the Apple Watch is only excellent if you have an iPhone because it is so tied to Apple's ecosystem.

    If you do have an iPhone it is absolutley the best bet and I would argue your only choice if you want complete smart watch functionality. I had an iPhone and was using a Samsung smart watch and there were some limitations there. I switched to Apple Watch and it was smooth sailing. Those limitations usually revolve around how each of the major wearable ecosystems don't play nice with each other. This is most obvious with fitness tracking services.

    If you have an Android Watch, then you could consider an Android Wear OS smart watch. Samsung is not Android Wear as it bases its wearables on its own Tizen OS. The best Android Wear smartwatches are made by Fossil. If you have a Samsung smartphone then you have the most choice as you can use any Tizen based (Samsung) wearable or an Android Wear device.

    iPhone - Apple Watch (it's simply the best smart watch you can buy)

    Android (non-Samsung) smartphone - Fossil is the best. However, be careful because Fossil uses a proprietory charger that is next to irreplaceable in Argentina. I am speaking from experience.

    Samsung smartphone - Any Samsung wearable or Android Wear watch.

    It is worth noting you cannot use the Apple Watch on Android. You can use Android Wear and Samsung devices on iOS, but with some limitations that could be dealbreakers depending on what you want/need.

    I am speaking from experinece and own and use all three (Fossil, Apple Watch, and Samsung Galaxy Watch).

    I am rambling a bit now but I want to add that Apple's Watch OS is by the far the most mature and useable of the three major wearable platforms. Samsung's Tizen is excellent if you have a Samsung device and I am largely unimpressed with WearOS and don't think Google has backed it enough.

  • Thanks for the very thorough review, Semigoodlooking . I've known very few people who didn't love their Apple Watches, especially the newest iteration. They have more functions than a battalion of Swiss Army Knives (with a heart monitor taking the place of the corkscrew). Especially helpful that you have experience with three different systems.

    But I do think in Buenos Aires, especially, an Apple Watch could invite unwanted attention just as carrying the iPhone around in one's hand in public could do. So if serafina is mainly looking for something that will show her caller ID without her having to expose the iPhone, I'm afraid the watch could target her too. Unless she can wear long, long sleeves even in summer weather.

  • I have an iPhone which is why I was lurking the AppleWatch. I don't like particularly the design, but I think I might *need* it to get notified faster about important emails/messages. I don't understand if I can buy (used) any version of the Apple Watch on my next trip abroad - if they are all the same if my need is to check who is the sender of the whatsapp/email.

    What's your recommendation, Semigoodlooking?