BCRA is considering issuing $2000 and $5000 bills and removing animals

  • The President of the Banco Central de la República Argentina, Miguel Pesce, announced that the Central Bank is considering issuing $2000 and $5000 bills. He also added that they will be removing animals from the bills (regardless of the international recognition for the $500 bill featuring a jaguareté) because he says Argentina has more meaningful contributions to offer than just animals, like prominent political figures...

    Let's open the poll: who thinks Nestor WON'T make it on the new bills?


  • its good to know that the government is finally doing something important for the country!

    Beside that they are putting more money in the pocket if the people...... obviously a 2000 or 5000 bill peso is more than 500 or 1000 or????


    The madness have just begun........a lot more to come!!!!!

    Beside that, the first signs of nepotism took only one week to arrive, Pedro Wado named his brother in an important position....2-3 other ones have happened!!!

    Nepotism is terrible, and I'm in no favour at all...

    But, imagine if it was done in a well functioning country like Denmark f.ex......you would then have the relative OF AN ALREADY PROVEN successful person.....the chance of the relative being of similar characteristics would be big.........so, same in Argentina, just 180 degree around: the relative of a already proven thief, corrupt and in capable person would probably also have these characteristics!!!!

    Good luck! More to come!

  • The president of the USA, upon election, immediately installed his daughter and her husband in new advisory positions in the White House. The daughter immediately received multiple patents from the Chinese govt for her retail fashion business. The son-in-law’s family immediately began using the president’s name in selling their condominiums in Asia.

  • Rice .....

    For sure not correct!!!!

    And then combined with awarding your biggest campaign spenders jobs as ambassadors, practically selling official jobs.......

    Ups, that wasn't him I think....


  • Sadly, that business of rewarding big contributors ambassadorial posts has been part of our political tradition for too long. The major ambassador posts are generally held by career diplomats, but you can see the inherent risks in putting amateurs in even minor posts when you look at our current ambassador to the EU, a $400k hotelier donor to the 2017 inauguration, who unwittingly became part of the drama leading to impeachment.