Says a lot about the Argentine work ethic.

  • Wifey needed a set of lights for the Christmas tree. As she had to go and see her mother this afternoon she decided to see if any shops were open. Supermarkets were closed until 5pm as were all the other likely candidates where she could have got them...some of which weren't planning on opening at all on the Sunday before Christmas. However a cheap gift shop recently opened across the road from her mothers and they were open doing a roaring trade.

    And guess who runs the shop? Yes.....Chinese.

  • im still surprised over the bad service u get nowadays, considered the situation the country is in!!!!

    For sure you don't have the feeling anyone is going hungry to bed, suffering or in need of a job.

  • We live steps from Av. Córdoba, self-proclaimed "Avenida del shopping" and "centro comercial a ciel abierto"... where most stores are closed on Saturday afternoon. ?(

  • I never knew that Av Córdoba called itself those things! I especially like “centro comercial a ciel abierto.” Sounds like “we’re a shopping center without the center.”

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    I never knew that Av Córdoba called itself those things! I especially like “centro comercial a ciel abierto.” Sounds like “we’re a shopping center without the center.”


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  • yesterday I decided to try out a totally newly opened beer place here in Tigre, huge place, popped up from one day to another, SHELTER it's called.

    Seldom I have felt that out of place and not welcome!!!!! Arrived with my daughter round 6.30 pm went to bar to inspect the beer choices, 25+......very polite as always.....first guy behind counter, a 25 year old morrocho, not the typical beer guy with trucker cap...... repeated me constantly, like he did not understand me......other guy, same age and posture, same horrible the corner a third guy, round 40, looking nasty at me......I stay cool and pretend im totally stupid and don't notice the bad ambience and energy.......around 10 waiters in total, all same face and energy........after the two quick beers I left, and I shall never return......unless it's to rant the place and kick their pathetic asses just for fun!!!!

    So, this is just a core example of why this country is in deep shit........a newly opened huge beer place, in a town that is already crowded with beer places, does not need to do ANYTHING to attract people or make them feel welcome. I cannot wait to see the closed sign on the door and the creepy bobos without job, sorry!!!!

  • Very self destructive behavior on the part of the owner & manager who are apparently willing to put their investment & job in the hands of unmotivated staff whom they haven’t properly trained.

  • Splinter yes that's the joint!!!!

    I have a suspicion that many of those places are white washing of money.....

    The numbers just cannot add up!

    The wife says that a lot. They still keep building here despite there already being a large number of new retail/business properties lying empty...some for years.

  • I get this vibe so often in places that are empty. Shops, beer places, when getting food and regardless of if they know I am from here or not. It is not wise to be the first or only customer it seems.

    Yes I agree with you..... then second question is just: when to arrive..... obviously to arrive when there are many people is also bad timing since they will be stressed...... and being late also no good, since staff wanna close up and go home......

    I have a feeling that the extremely bad energy by my visit could be related to my skin color.....Yankee malvinas occupier hdmp.....I'm not even joking! Many of the little more colored, seriously believe all the bad is coming directly from the white imperialista....

    The bad energy I experienced yesterday was real unpleasant.......and specially since I was there with my daughter....

    I didn't wanna make a scene, but had I been alone it could be I would have played back and maybe even smack one of them on the mouth.

    I asked my neighbor to go there one day to check out how they behave......he is also more white skinned than the average piquetero here.

  • @JAN, it sounds like you’ve found the best venue for our next get together!

    Now that we have a place, we just need to set a date!

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