Hardware Change

  • Bought the Samsung 8601TB SSD from Best Buy this weekend. I am now in

    final stage of install.

    Disk0 is a 1TB Samsung 860EVO. Installed this drive this past

    weekend. Used the Samsung migration software to clone the drive.

    Disk1 is running Arch Linux on a 120GB SSD SanDisk. Does a great

    job of being my boot drive.

    Disk2 is a 240GB SSD SanDisk running XP. Wasn't sure if XP would

    run on an SSD, but it does, and running well. Used Easeus Todo

    Backup for the system image of XP, I then used Easeus Partition

    Master to restore the image to the SSD. After the restore

    I shut down the PC and unplugged the HDD and rebooted and changed

    the drive letter and resized the XP drive.

    I now have an all SSD machine.