If not Argentina, where? Svalbard welcomes you!

  • Tired with the South American instability? No way you'd go back to your home country but your nationality/passport(s) doesn't leave you many options?

    Longyearbyen, capital of island, north of Norway, is a visa-free territory. There are about 2500 people of 51 nationalities.

    The BBC has a 8-minute long video interviewing various inhabitants of Longyearbyen who explain what brought them there and how is their day-to-day life.


  • What an interesting video! They didn’t talk much about the 22 hours of darkness in December & January, which I think would be worse than the cold. And it must be a long trip to get there!

  • as Rice said.....be careful!!!!

    I would say, a minority of people from abroad would make it there!!!!

    Even as a Scandinavian it can be tuff there......an Argentinian there? Doubt that he would like it!

    Just in South Scandinavia the winters are looooong and the days short.......and mind u a few thousand km more north......it's not for everyone!