Alberto the 🤡 first accomplishments

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  • Saw this foto the other day, thought it was a Photoshopped one, but no!!!

    Dios mio!!!! Really confirms the theory that Argentinians are a bunch of teenagers, including the president! How childish can u be????


  • Explained in that way, I don’t see why anyone would farm their land. It is so frustratingly clear that left as is, the situation cannot become any better.

  • just saw the new indec inflation numbers from January 2020, only 2.3%........a lot better than expected! Why are people complaining?????

    I also told my neighbors that finally asado have fallen in price.......they looked at me stupid and I look stupid back.....

    And the 🤡 is so bizzy solving the mess here that he cannot meet with Bolsonaro the day agreed on.......

    At least the finance minister and the FMI talk and solutions are really looking promising!


    Hold on to the rollercoaster ride, fasten your seatbelts!

  • Yes I heard the missus saying that then went on to hear her moan about the 10% + percentage rise in ten other things she has to pay...her accountant fees being one of them.

    Therein lies the problem....inflation doesn't just revolve around the price of a ruddy loaf.

  • ohhhhh my god.......

    That really qualified for quote OF THE YEAR!!!!

    When I was late teen in highschool and totally freaking drunk by highschool parties, I didn't even manage that dumb comments!!!!!

    God have mercy!

  • The newest great accomplishment of the 🤡:

    Increase the retention from the soya by 33% (f*-%cking the farmers)

    Pesificate the electric industries, the providers of the net and services......

    (F@#$king the companies and making them now let the whole system and renovation go boom)

  • Same old story.....punish those who contribute most to the country. What they don't seem to realise is you can't only grow soya on the land you rent or own you have to rotate the crop with corn and wheat which doesn't earn the same amount of cash.

  • ahhhhhh I totally forget to mention the already 800.000 tarjetas alimentAR......Which will increase to 1.4 million!!! God save us!!!!

    The campo will at a certain point put the feet down......they can bring the country to a halt in a few days.... happened before!!!!!

    The policies adopted by our new genius is without doubt and by the minute bringing us closer to Venezuela......

  • Instead of punishing those who contribute most to the economy how about they who avoid contributing sod all. Like all those who work in black? Retailers, workmen, service industry, etc etc.