Is this TV reporter overreacting because a jogger slapped her bum?

  • The BBC reports the incident thus:


    Local TV reporter Alex Bozarjian spoke to CBS This Morning about the experience of being groped on live television.

    She was covering a race in Savannah, Georgia when a man who was running slapped her backside.

    The man responsible has said it was an accident.

    In my book, groping is a very different thing to slapping someone's bum and us generally far more invasive.

    Anyway, here are a few key lines from Alex Bozarjian, the TV reporter, in her reaction:

    'He took my power and I'm trying to get that back.'

    'But I want to take my time getting my power back (sic..)'

    'He helped himself to a part of my body.'

    'He hit me hard.'

    'I'm inundated with female guilt.'

    'There's been an outpouring of support from so many people.'

    She goes on to say that she was violated and it later transpires that the male jogger is being charged with assault.

    Look, she was on a busy bridge amongst the joggers, who were all passing her within inches and almost colliding, in fact.

    I hardly think one friendly slap on the bum constitutes groping or assault.