Dec 10, 2019 - Alberto Fernandez takes on the Presidency - Safety in Microcentro?

  • Next Tuesday, President-elect Alberto Fernandez will take on the the Presidency. There will be a ceremony in Plaza de Mayo, I assume....

    Unluckily for me, I have an appointment 6 blocks from the Casa Rosada at around 10 AM.

    I cannot absolutely reschedule it because I booked it 40 days ago and I'd have to wait another 40 days to get a new one.

    I am concerned about my safety. Do you think there will be a large crowd in the Microcentro? Do you remember what it was like the last time a K won? Is public transport operating anyway around the area? I wanted to ride bus 141 and hop off on Corrientes y 9 de Julio, but I am wondering if there will be roads open and public transport working as usual around the center.

    Are banks going to be open? I have to go to Banco Patagonia on Lavalle 400 to pay for my trámite...

    I wouldn't be worried if it was Macri's electorate swarming the center... I wasn't here last time Cristina won, so I am ignorant of the risks, but I have seen her electorate and they scare the hell out of me.

    UPDATE: according to Clarin, it starts at 8 AM and will be held at the Congreso de la Nación, but it looks like there was a Presidential Parade last time Cristina was elected, so I guess they'll cut out roads.

  • Sounds like a great GoPro opportunity for me and no, I wouldn't sorry about security. Why would there be any trouble anyway?

    In 2014, on a Sunday afternoon my husband was giving a tour of downtown Buenos Aires to a friend from abroad.

    He wasn't aware there was a large gathering for Cristina in Plaza de Mayo -- we all know she loves a big crowd and has people taken to Buenos Aires for free just to make even larger. My husband said that it was an unsafe situation as there were many people getting drunk and looking for a fight. He said they were savages and I tend to believe him as the Ks crowd is not exactly the most refined and quiet.

    Quite egoistically, I'd add that here most people do not value other's life much into account, also because there is no consequence for them.

  • Its funny when you see the different manifestations held, cannot remember ANY pro Macri, with ANY incidents.........

    The crowds are like night and day......

    But ok, most of the incidents by the peroncho manifestations was undercover Macri cops, that later turned out to be what we would expect, campora peronchos

    or left-wing trouble makers.

    As I mentioned earlier in a post, I have never taken part of any demonstration or manifestation in my whole life, except of Oktoberfest in Munich......and for sure I would not like it here either......there is a lot boiling in South America, and all means and ways to push your ideas through is to exclude quilombo on Tuesday I wouldn't........

    It's gonna be reaaaaaallllyyyyy dreadful to watch the show......but funny to see the monkeys coming home and opening fridge that is still empty......:facepalm:


  • We e been to a couple of Oktoberfests in München, @JAN - - maybe saw each other there?

    (My husband wound have been enjoying the beer, while I was ogling the flea circus -)

  • managed my trip to da city, tigre-barracas and return! Left 7 am , arrived 8.30 in barracas, then headed back 10.00 and was home 11.15! Used the new bajo porteno, the refurbished part on the side of Puerto Madero.....was quite smooth, slow but smooth! By the last part my car decided to go for the part only for camiones......went really quick.....guess I'm gonna c a fat fine for that!!! Was really not my intention, and the street sign did not show how to go. Whatever, now I'm in sofa enjoying the show......don't disappoint me Argentina....I want action!

  • UK Man ......wanna miss the queen in a semi look through white poncho???? Hahaha

    Something I will NEVER get used to or think is appropriate, is the singing in the Congress or casa Rosada.......I find it so ordinary, like being at a cheap football match....

  • It would be acceptable back in the day when Argentina was in the top five of the richest countries in the world. However in 2019 do they not realise how silly it all looks considering the mess the country has been in for decades?