Who shaves their legs?

  • I'm assuming that most of the ladies on this forum probably do, but I'm curious to know if blokes shaving their legs is very much an Argentine thing.

    I hasten to add that I don't make a habit of gawking at blokes' legs, but one of our neighbours, who is in his late 60s, walks his dog past our house and for some reason I noticed that his legs were completely bare of any hair.

    Later, I asked Adri and the lad if men here make a habit of shaving their legs, because clearly our neighbour does. Their reply was, of course they do, with no surprise in their voices at all.

    If anything they were a tad surprised that I asked and their tone of voice was sort of, 'duh', to coin a phrase.

    I don't shave my legs and don't intend to, since there are plenty of other things to think about, like making sure I still have hair on top of my head :)

  • Now THIS is a topic I never thought I’d be reading about on this forum!

    Maybe it’s an outgrowth (sorry for the pun) of the vain trend of muscle builders’ shaving and oiling their chests?

    But no, I’ve never heard of men also wanting sleek legs.

  • In Italy, there has been a surge of body-consciousness among men in the last 15 years, and male waxing has become a thing.

    I think some shave, too, but the softness and shininess you get from waxing is better.

    Probably it originates with body-builders to highlight their muscles, and then was also observed also in athletes - for example, bicycle riders shave them because if they fall, the skin is clean and it is easier to debris the lesion. Soccer player's legs are bare due to leg massages etc. so it has become acceptable to see bare legs and chests also in men.

    Then it took off and it was bare arms and highbrows, as well.

    This, and add the fashion calling for teenager looking boys, shiny and perfect men... so yes, in Italy it is a huge thing. Here in Argentina, most waxing salons won't tend to men, though. If they do, they advertise heavily "depilación masculina". Male waxing is usually charged more than female waxing because men tend to have more hair.

    To me, Argentinian men follow most basic toiletry (showering, shampooing, putting on deodorant, shaving their face), and do not get beauty treatment like in my home country. Right now there is a beard movement in Italy and there are beauty saloon only for men (just like here), except that here very little men have a long beard. In Europe they put conditioner in their beard and go to beard stylists. I have observed that in the US they also to face waxing, for a more definite look. It hurts just to watch it on YOuTube, I can't imagine what it will be like in real life. But I get waxed in my bikini area and every time I am counting the years missing to when I'll be too old to even have hair.