Marriage blood test?

  • Just remembered that the missus and I had to give blood for testing when we got married here. Still haven't a clue why and what they do with the idea many years later if it's still compulsory or not.

    Does anyone know if other countries make you go through the same procedure when you get married? Not that I was bothered at the time as I have my blood tested once a year at least anyway seen as OSDE pays for it anyway.

  • No testing required in Italy, but we have the formality of publicly announce the marriage in case anybody want's to contest it. It is basically a letter saying that John and Jane are getting married on [date of marriage]. It also contains their DOBs and where they were born. It has to stay on display for at least 15 days.

    In Italy, they are published in a window display in City Hall and on the City/Town institutional website.

    Even the consulate here publish marriage announcements on their website!

    I find it pretty annoying this day and age. When I got married here, I skipped that bit because I didn't want the whole Internet to know where I was and who I was getting married to.