How much would you have tipped?

  • Yesterday while out in the mother in laws car which we're using while ours is being repaired the missus started complaining about vibration in the steering wheel. As it's been lying in her garage most of the time over the last few years I said it could be the tyres just needing blown up. We headed for the nearest petrol station to find an air pump. We used to use the ACCA garage and blow them up ourselves but it's closed down so went to the YPF petrol station instead. Found no public use air pump existed so had to use the on site Gomera round the back.

    We found the cheery chap sitting playing with his phone obviously with nothing to do so he promptly checked the tyre pressures and filled them up. My wife asked him how much and he replied just give me what you want.

    I won't tell you now how much she gave him but her idea of a tip wasn't the same as mine. I'd be interested to know how much you would have given him for all of three minutes 'work'?

  • I would have given him $200 and I am pretty sure my husband's would have given him $120.

    I am terrible at tipping because it is considered rude in Italy, so I am afraid of giving too little and offend the recipient and giving too much and self-rip myself (if there is such thing). I can manage to give 10% when there is a bill, but when it is free offer it is really a call of pity.

    Every time I am faced with free tipping, I always tip out of guilt and never out of heart. Or out of fear in the case of trapitos and window cleaners...

    Last time I was at the waxing salon I tipped the woman doing my hair for the first time. I go to a big salon where they have 7-8 booths and I rarely get the same lady twice. This one was grumpy all the time but she did a thorough job. She also pretended she didn't understand me well.

    But when I tipped her $100 over a $500 she finally smiled and was all cheery.

    I wondered if she was grumpy because I had a reputation for not tipping among the employees. It never occurred to me that I had to tip someone doing their salaried work (at least, I think they get a salary at the waxing station). I am still wondering if tipping at the hair salone is expected / correct.

  • I would have given him $200 and I am pretty sure my husband's would have given him $120.

    I should have been pretty sure I don't know my husband, instead. I asked him this morning and he said $50 or at most $100.

    I would have given him $100 maximum, but in my experience, women here seem to be obsessed with over the top tipping.

    Turns out you're right! ;)

  • Interesting.....I was all for giving him 100 but the missus gave him 30. On reflection I think she was right.

    I am wondering what he can do with $30. Here in Capital, maybe you can buy a Guaymallen alfajor with that money.

  • I am wondering what he can do with $30. Here in Capital, maybe you can buy a Guaymallen alfajor with that money.

    To us 30 pesos might not seem a lot but to him it might. To be honest if someone gave me 30 pesos for spending a few minutes increasing tyre pressure I'd be happy to do it.

    If there were enough people prepared to give me 100 pesos I'd do it all day and make a fortune. ^^

  • As you said, serafina , it is hard to come up with an appropriate amount when it isn’t for a service with a price tag attached. Judging from past tipping quandaries, I think I would have given the guy $200, and would still have wondered if I’d under-tipped him. This morning I asked my husband what he would have done, and he said $100. I’ll admit that at least he arrived at a figure through comparing services: his reasoning was that he tips the pizza delivery guy $100 for a service that requires about the same time and effort.

  • About tipping the delivery guy, I am at a quandary with these new delivery app where you have to pay already for delivery. For example, last night I ordered pizza through PedidosYa. Delivery was $45 and the final figure came short of $700.

    I didn’t want the change though I had specifies I’d be paying with $700 and the delivery guy had the change ready for me (less than $30).

    I am not sure if these $45 were all for the delivery guy or else, and I also suspect it’s $45 gross. Remember that to be a delivery guy for PedidosYa you need to be registered in Monotrobuto.

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  • I’d guess that the delivery guy gets a small slice of the delivery charge, not the whole charge. It could even be a situation like a restaurant cubierto, none of which goes to the waiter (and in the case of a bare table and paper servietas, what DOES that cover, anyway?).