Amazing bravery from the public in London

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  • Yes! These people must especially make you proud of your countrymen. The world applauds them for their selfless bravery.

  • Rice ......

    There are different type of immigrants!!!! If u look through criminal statistics in Germany for example, you will see which nationality the terrorists in general have, or the criminal offenders in general, (beside German of course). There are a few very over multiple of thousands.....

    As a little side the years back when I lived in Holland, u had a MAJORITY, of immigrant youngster between 15-20 years, that had criminal records......!!!!

    So u can with right generalize!!!! Just a fact, or was back then!

    So to talk back and forward about whether they are nice, good, integrated, not criminal etc etc is just pathetic left wing populism.....

  • Very sad that two ordinary people who were just going about their daily business, should all of a sudden, have their life ended by a fucking nutcase.

    Questions should be asked why this person was allowed to walk the streets of London considering what he'd been up to before.

  • ...and Jeremy Corbyn, sometime IRA sympathiser, thinks that terrorists should not necessarily serve their full prison terms.

    The terrorist in question, who was shot dead by police, had served half of a prison sentence for plotting to blow up the London Stock Exchange.

    Makes you wonder why some politicians even bother to open their mouths.…PjxhQd42Hn1l1A4MK_QCD4tOs