Bike mishaps, theft, etc

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  • Give wild chase, of course!

    Nope, I'd ignore it because of the chances of the scrote being armed.

    By the way, as everyone knows, any tramite (paperwork exercise) here is often a soul-destroying experience, but fortunately this appears to have started well due to the lack of people out and about, so fingers crossed.

    But I do wonder why they have to make it so complicated (stupid me!) and believe it or not, my bike has its own file, indicating just how much bureaucracy in this country is handled manually.

    All countries handles this differently of course. When I needed to replace a plate back in the UK, I went to Halfords - a car accessories store - showed them my vehicle registration document and bought a plate for about £5 (now £16 each).

  • Splinter ......back in the years when I bought my bike new, I was also waiting for my plate for months.....I went to Puyrredon/Corrientes, where all the bike shops are.....they make a plate for you in one day or so.

  • Talk about taking us for a ride!

    I turned up at the vehicle registry this morning, signed a few forms, paid $1245 for a new plate and a carnet with permit to ride without a plate.

    Check out the cost of the flimsy aluminium plate and all the other charges and I still have to wait three weeks for it. I'll probably keep the new plate in a safe place and carry on with my homemade ones until I get read the riot act.