Bike mishaps, theft, etc

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  • An unfortunate victim of a bike robbery in La Plata describes how it happened.


    Today it was my turn, they stole the Yamaha with which I made and planned so many trips.

    I crossed 2 motorcycles at 20 and 44 (La Plata) each with two kids on top, they came by 20 and I by 44, crossed in red so I stopped to let them pass. They continued for 20 but I sensed that they were going to come looking for me. Then start to screw up without stopping at traffic lights. At one point I thought I was exaggerating why I had already lost sight of them. When I grabbed 60 from street 1 to 122 I see two lights 100 meters behind, I wasn't sure they were so I went deep, reaching 120kmph I keep looking in the mirror and those lights were 100 meters behind. So I didn't want to go to the apartment and brake in the YPF of 122 and 60, at the pumps. I take out the key and walk away a few meters from the motorcycle, there was a beach player who didn't even hit the situation and walked away. The four fell on both bikes, one was threatening to take out the gun so I went inside the full. They circled around the motorcycle one climbs and I try to go back from full to the motorcycle. One of them sees me and again grabs something at the waist so I recalculated and returned. In a moment I took something out and hid behind a column. They took her by pushing her with her foot. I started walking on 60 of 122 towards 1 a friend came to the veterinary school, we saw them leave the forest already with the motorcycle walking and they escaped ...

    I know it could have been worse, nothing happened.

    So now what I want most is to recover the motorcycle since it is a very important motorcycle for me.

    I will be forever grateful if they share or any information they have about the bike. I had insurance against third parties so I'm not going to recover the amount that doesn't worry me because I sincerely want the bike ...

    It is a Yamaha XTZ 250 Black, Year 2010 with fenders and auxiliary headlights. 108GIW patent


    Hoy me tocó a mí, me robaron la Yamaha con la que hice y planeaba tantos viajes.

    Me cruce a 2 motos en 20 y 44(La Plata) cada una con dos pibes ensima, ellos venían por 20 y yo por 44, cruzaron en rojo por lo que frene para dejarlos pasar. Siguieron por 20 pero intuí que me iban a venir a buscar. Entonces empezar a meterle pata sin parar en los semáforos. En un momento pensé que estaba exagerando por qué ya los había perdido de vista . Cuando agarre 60 de calle 1 hasta 122 veo dos luces 100 metros atrás, no estaba seguro que fueran ellos así que le metí a fondo, llegando a 120kmph sigo mirando por el espejo y esas luces seguían 100 metros atrás. Así que no quise ir para el depto y frene en la YPF de 122 y 60 , en los surtidores . Saco la llave y me alejo unos metros de la moto , había un playero que ni bola le dio a la situacion y se alejo. Cayeron los 4 en las dos motos , uno se me amenazaba con sacar el arma así que me fui para adentro del full. Se quedaron dando vueltas alrededor de la moto uno se sube y yo intento ir de nuevo del full a la moto . Uno de ellos me ve y otra vez se agarra algo en la cintura así que recalcule y volví. En un momento saco algo y me escondí atrás de una columna . Se la llevaron empujándola con el pie . Yo empecé a caminar por 60 de 122 hacia 1 llego a la facultad de veterinaria vino un amigo , los vimos salir del bosque ya con la moto andando y se escaparon...

    Se que podría haber sido peor , no paso nada .

    Por lo que ahora lo que más quiero es recuperar la moto ya que es una moto muy importante para mí.

    Les voy a estar eternamente agradecido si comparten o cualquier información que tengan sobre la moto. Tenía seguro contra terceros así que no voy a recuperar la suma cosa que no me preocupa por qué sinceramente quiero la moto...

    Es una Yamaha XTZ 250 Negra , Año 2010 con defensas y faros auxiliares. patente 108GIW

  • Over the last few days there have been several incidents involving motorbike thieves (motochorros) being killed and/or severely injured by police cars. The general consensus has always been that they got what they deserved, with others saying that the police have no right to snuff the life out of anyone, regardless of what they've done.

    My opinions is that if you live by the sword, you die by it. What do these animals really expect?

    This first incident is two or three robbers aboard a stolen bike having also stopped and robbed a pedestrian, after which they were chased by police and blocked off resulting in a collision. One robber died.

    Warning: graphic videos of the accidents.…luego-de-cometer-un-robo/

    The next one involves two robbers on a bike after they stole a woman's handbag, went full speed the wrong way down a one way street and collided with a retired policeman's car. One robber died.…uando-intentaban-escapar/

    And this one is when two youngsters on a bike evaded a police vehicle check and collided with another police car when being chased by another. They both suffered injuries, which were not fatal.…o-de-un-control-policial/

    For years the general public have been complaining about the lack of police action in such situations, but now when they do act, many people think it's overly aggressive. You can't have it both ways and Argentina is not the only country to pursue bikes in this way. It happens in the UK as well, but not with such fatal results, as far as I know.

  • ......and our next security minister, taking over from Bullrich, is claiming Hezbollah is not a terror organization!!!! Good luck Argentina!!!