PIM, the wonder kid virtual wallet? Buyer beware!

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  • I want to get a Telepase for the road tolls, so I opted for the non credit card version which requires PIM, the virtual wallet for use with your mobile phone. I also understand that you can top up PIM with Mercadopago, which is another advantage, thus not needing a credit card.

    It says dial *456# on your phone, then type in your DNI and you should be registered with PIM. The trouble is that it doesn't work work. It uses a data protocol called USSD - Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, sometimes referred to as "Quick Codes" or "Feature codes", is a communications protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the mobile network operator's computers - which Claro is up tp speed on.


    Anyway, I end up going around in circles, which is so typical of Argentine efforts to make life simpler. I even downloaded the app, even though the app isn't even advertised anywhere, not even on PIM's own website.

    After investigating this, I discovered that the service has been dogged by problems, not least the waste of AR700 million on an app that doesn't even work and loads of people have their money locked up in the system.

    Check out the comments on the PIM Arg Facebook page, which should be enough to steer well clear.


    Google Play comments


    PIM: El fracaso de la tarjeta del Nación, detrás de la polémica de Grabois y Mercado Libre

    Caveat emptor!

  • i use pim also, same way as u, for the peajes! Though, the app does not work since months!!!!!

    Might be connected to that!

  • and I tell you, not only days or weeks .......think it's around 6 months since it worked!!!!! If u go in and read the reviews by the app , you can see when it started not to work hahaha!

    Btw, don't think u can top it up and charge money via ML...... Because I already had that idea....charge it via ML, and then extract money via PIM....to bypass the ATM fees. I normally charge credit via pagofacil or rapipago........

  • Strangely enough, they replied to my review on Google Play immediately, asking me to get in touch with them, but the short link was nothing more than a YouTube video on how to activate.

    Clearly this reply was generated by a bot and is as useless as the app itself.

  • I cracked on with this quest and eventually they phoned me.

    A very helpful young lady, who wouldn't stop talking just like all customer service centres here, ran me through the activation process (which I'd already done fifteen times) and eventually said that they were having 'problems with the system' - a catch-all for FUBAR.

    She then said they would investigate the case and we would try again.

    I then said that I had downloaded the Android app and she quickly said 'Oh, that doesn't work.'

    I kid you not.

    I then said that I only wanted it for Telepase (the toll card) and that I would be topping it up with MercadoPago, at which she interjected with 'Oh, that doesn't work either.'

    Then I told her that I had heard about loads of people telling me that the service hasn't been working properly for about six months, at which she replied, 'Yes, we are aware of that but it's on a case by case basis.' whatever that means.

    We left things so that she would get back to me and we would try again to activate my account, which probably isn't worth it now that MPago won't work with it.

    I think she's probably having a lie down in a darkened room as we speak, poor lass.