UBA sinks to new low

  • UBA (University of BA) has sunk to a new low in their publication, Revista Spoiler, portraying the murdered prosecutor, Nisman, as nothing more than a worm, next to the depiction of a silver bullet and the idea that certain journalists who have reported on his faked suicide, as needing to commit suicide themselves.

    This was drawn by the same person, Sergio Langer, who was responsible for a caricature of a Jew in a Nazi concentration camp with a cellphone number tattooed on his arm.

    There's a big debate in the UK over anti-semetism at the moment, with the spotlight firmly fixed on Labour leader, Corbyn. However, he would have to work twice as hard to sink to the levels of Jew-hating and racism that's prevalent in this country. It's practically endemic.

  • What is the cause of antisemitism here? There is a large Jewish population and they have always been givers, not takers. Enthusiastic contributors to Argentina’s cultural fabric. How could anyone have hatred for them?

  • I don't think antisemitism comes from personal experience. It is acquired ignorance.

    Once people set their minds on seeing the evil in a certain group, they'll just start seeing proofs of their beliefs even when there is none.