HELP!! Ideas for a present to give.

  • Tomorrow morning my brother in law and niece arrive into Ezeiza from 66 year old sister couldn't make it due to a dodgy hip. We're going in on Wednesday/Thursday to meet them and we're at a loss as to what type of present we can buy for them to take back to my sister.

    I think it should be Argentine produced and something unavailable to buy in Scotland. The usual Argentine souvenirs that I've seen are mostly things that she'd never use so I can just imagine her saying ''what the hell am I supposed to do with this?''. :D

    Any ideas?

  • Thanks GJ. Yeah she does love wine....^^

    I had thought of that but it's a bit of a hassle for John to take it back and anyway she'll drink anything. To be honest my sis is a bit of a Hyacinth Bucket and I'm not joking, which is why I'm at a loss as to what to give her.

  • I had to look for Hyacinth Bucket, dear UK Man. Maybe something Pope-related?

    My mother is about the same age and she disliked everything I have brought from Argentina, so far.

    She said sweets are too sweets, and begged me to please give them away to someone else.

    So I once bought an orange peel that had been dried and carved. It was just a small quirky thing with a pleasant smell. She said "I don't know how you could thought of me when you saw this thing". Since then, I am not even making the effort to think about something to bring her. I'll skip it.

    At least my father drinks wine. I understand he is not a fan of Malbec, but he appreciates the gesture and likes to try something different once in a year. He also liked conitos!

  • What's the connection between the Pope and Hyacinth Bucket? :scratchead:

    My sister is a bit of a snooty hence her likeness to Hyacinth Bucket. Agreed about the usual souvenirs....a total waste of money and I bet she wouldn't like them. I thought a wooden picada board might be good but they're heavy.

  • What's the connection between the Pope and Hyacinth Bucket?

    From the picture of Mr. Bucket, she looked like a woman with traditional values. Again, I don't know this person (is she real or a character?).

    Maybe you could send some herbal infusion from Patagonia, provided they are sealed to avoid issues with customs.

  • I’m just catching up on this thread, and enjoying the thought of your having a sister even remotely like “Our Hyacinth,” UK Man . (Did your family also produce a Rose, a Daisy and an Onslow? And is your brother in law as long suffering as Richard?)

    serafina , Hyacinth was the social-climbing, pretentious main character on a 1990’s BBC comedy series “Keeping Up Appearances.” Google says this:

    Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet, if you please) lives to impress. And she has no patience for people who pretend to be superior -- because that makes it "so much harder for those of us who really are." Assured of her own eminence, she spends her days trying to make sure everyone else is, too. Her down-market sisters, Rose and Daisy, are a challenge, but she's always willing to talk about her rich sister Violet. Violet's eccentric, cross-dressing husband, not so much.

    For a taste of the fun, try this.

    But back to the gift quandary, UK Man, I love your idea of a (smallish) picada board, if your niece has a big carry on and doesn’t mind the weight. It wouldn’t be much heavier than a bottle of wine. But if weight is a problem, what about a selection of delicious handmade chocolates from a confectioner? I don’t remember Scotland’s being renowned for chocolates; if that’s the case, she might love the delicious ones made here.

  • I'll refrain from buying booze as it's not as if there's a shortage of it in Scotland at reasonable price. I don't think they'll be happy having to pack it in their suitcases anyway.

    As for chocolates Rice.....even the top quality chocolates here I've had have fallen short of average priced brands of chocolates available in Scotland.

  • Since ya'll being very creative today...

    I'll have to mail some vital records from Argentina to a client in the US for his citizenship application. I wanted to add a wallet card of the Gauchito Gil for a touch of 'Argentineness'. Where can I find one? I have never seen them in stationery stores, just in fairs outside de church (even if the Gauchito is nothing religious).

  • seriously......if u get the poncho, why not get the cfk puppets was marketed back in time........u can get it on ML!!!

    Creepy hahaha

    Btw, there is a peroncho shop on Peru y Humberto primo in San telmo.......full of all this junk......I always stop by on my way to my old waterhole, just to shake my head......