Remember Outlook Express?

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  • Good article.

    Not directly related to Outlook Express, but my favorite email story.

    We worked at Prudhoe Bay on a week-on, week-off sked, so we were away from home half the time. This can easily lead to stress at home, as Tom’s story illustrates. He’d just gotten home from a shift and decided to help his wife out since she was not particularly skilled on her computer and Tom had to help her out of occasional jams. While she was at work he fired up her PC and began some cleanup: virus checking, killing crapware she’d inadvertently loaded, etc.

    He noticed that her mail client had a ton, or several, of deleted emails - actually enough to affect the limits of hard drive space, so he deleted them, did a few more things, then had a well-earned beer, satisfied that he’d earned some rare hubby points with his hard-to-please spouse.

    He wasn’t at all prepared for the furious roar she emitted after dinner when she logged on.

    “Where are my f-ing emails?” she screamed.

    “They’re all where you left them!” said Tom, but knowing that this would not end well. “Just look in your in-basket!”

    “Where are my f-ing saved messages?” she howled.

    Seems that she’d found a really slick way of saving important messages - she just hit the little trash can icon, and when she wanted to see one again all she had to do was to open the recycle bin and there they were!

    Tom earned some points for that one, all right.

  • Ouch!

    Are they still married?

    No idea. We lost touch when I left the Prudhoe job, just after the millennium. I’d guess not, just from the stories he told, but you never know. After all, he arrived back at work alive after his cleanup went south. That alone has to be considered some kind of miracle.