Prince Andrew digs himself a hole and keeps on digging...

  • I watched his interview last night and the longer it went on, I cringed even more and kept wondering why he thought it was a good idea to go on TV in the first place.

    None of his replies stacked up and I'm afraid that 'I can't remember...' doesn't cut it. It just got worse and worse as the minutes ticked by, the worst being his stay at Epsteins house AFTER the man had been convicted of sex trafficking and such sex crimes, even though he swore Epstein was NOT a close friend.

    Sorry, Andrew, you didn't fool anyone.

  • For his sake I hope the accusations against him have all been made up - not surprising in this day and age. However who knows? If he's guilty then hell mend him.

    Either way I'd suggest the Royal Family's glory days are long gone.

  • We saw part of his interview and then just couldn't bear to watch any more. As you asked, Splinter , why the HAYULL did he do this to himself? And at this time, when no one was even thinking of Epstein anymore, anyway (though now they are again).

    Curiously, we just watched the episode of The Crown that deals with Prince Philip's harebrained idea in the 1960's, to prove the Royal Family's worth to the country by inviting in BBC cameras to produce what might have been the world's first Reality TV. They followed members of the Royal Family around as they tried their best to show that they were "just folks," flipping burgers and pancakes, watching television, etc.

    The result was disastrous. It seems that, if the taxpayers are going to support the Royals as tourism-producing decorations, they want them to have some mystery, decorum and, well, royalty about themselves, rather than being just like John Q. Public.

    When Fergie and Diana were photographed acting up like out-of-control schoolgirls and caused unflattering publicity, the question was again raised: "Exactly why, again, are we supporting these clowns?" The question stayed around a long time, with the tell-all books and interviews surrounding the affairs and divorce of Diana and Charles. Then Fergie and the toe sucker. Over the past 20 years or more, the Royals seem to have regained their dignity, a state that is now threatened again by Andrew's completely uncalled-for divorce.

    Oh. And then this: His story of not remembering the underage girl who claimed to have slept with him was not strengthened by the photo of him with his arm around her -

  • To be honest Rice even without this 'scandal' once the old Queen and her hubby die off they would have become less and less important anyway.

    I wouldn't swap places with any of them no matter how much money they receive.

  • Totally agree. As we watch The Crown, we keep asking ourselves how they can bear living in a glass house - or more realistically, a gilded prison.

    But from the standpoint of the UK, all that pomp and royalty are a singular attraction for big bucks from tourists worldwide. So maybe they will still be safe for a few more generations. If, that is, they can resist the urge to show themselves to be terribly common.

  • Huh. So exactly what, I wonder, was his motivation? Maybe he is being blackmailed by someone who knows more than meets the eye, and he decided to Out himself and be done with it?

  • Huh. So exactly what, I wonder, was his motivation? Maybe he is being blackmailed by someone who knows more than meets the eye, and he decided to Out himself and be done with it?

    He is so arrogant , he thought his explanation would be accepted by the common people.

    Once QE2 goes , I can't see any future for the Family......

  • I accidentally bumped into a beautiful scantilly clad female in La Anonima yesterday at the meat chiller cabinets.....or to be 100% accurate she bumped into me. Pretty sure if someone looked through the CCTV footage of our coming together and froze it at one certain moment then showed it to my wife she'd be none too pleased. ^^

    I rather enjoyed it.

  • And in the “You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me” department, the Telegraph article names names.

    There is growing pressure on Dame Cressida Dick, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, to act, and soon.