Is Argentina a dirty place....housework wise?

  • Every Tuesday while the missus is out doing her stuff I do some house cleaning....usual brushing and mopping of tiled floors etc. I've come to the conclusion that Argentina is a dirty place due to the amount of dust/dirt that collects even though some rooms get brushed every day.

    Of course having dogs coming in and out several times a day doesn't help but even so the rooms they're not allowed to go into don't seem much cleaner.

    In Glasgow it was nowhere near as much work to keep the house clean than it is here. I can only guess it's the amount of dust and dirt that is blowing about outside due to us not being that far away from roads that are dirt rather than tarmac.

  • We were just talking about the same thing, UK Man . We keep all the windows wide open all the time, so besides the fluffy little white dandelion-like floating seeds that blow in, there is a constant deposit of a fine grey silt. Not immediately visible, but by the end of the week, it’s obvious not only along the edges of the floor, but even on the furniture, which becomes gritty.

    Cities are dirty. In addition to the usual exhaust and grime, we always have construction going on either across the plaza or on the street behind. Construction is great for the economy but not so great for the ears or lungs. Or floors/furniture.

  • I suspect having the windows open must cause it. When we go to check on the flat in the capital even after several months between visits it's not dusty. Here it only takes hours for dust to settle.

  • My husband cleans the whole house once a week, and vacuums it at least once, if not twice, in-between. It must be said that we are at home most of the day, so it naturally gets dirties than a house that is used only in the evening. Serafina doesn’t account much for it, it’s really dust, dirt and crumbles of leaves from upstairs (terrace).
    We don’t use shoes inside the house - regardless, it still gets dirty.

    We also like to keep our windows open when the weather allows, and that certainly doesn’t help.

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  • My biggest remark is that I have constantly a dry nose and I can’t see to smell like I used before. A student of mine recommended to rub oils to keep the nasal mucose moist. It sounded weird - have you ever heard of that?

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