Is this your castle, Sir?

  • There are many abandoned castles in Scotland and they are looking for relatives of former owners.

    If your last name is Duncan, Bowie, McBain, Campbell or Murray or any of these 436 published on this list, this might be your chance to get your family castle.


  • in ITALY they are paying for u coming and staying, not just giving a ruined castle.....come on!


    Besides the attractive €1:1 house campaign in some remote towns in Southern Italy, the Italian government has issued a series of financial incentives to attract Italians back this year. They have been widely published on the media and on Consulate's websites.

    However, these incentives are just for a few years (2 or 3) - then you are back to paying taxes as usual, i.e. to the level that made you left.

    If someone is interested in €1 - 1 house, here are some stories (spoiler alert: nobody paid €1):



  • I think the region offering incentives to people who will come to set up businesses are on to a better idea than the towns just trying of offload abandoned houses on people who will renovate them.

    Yes, renovating houses has an effect on the local economy, at least providing temporary construction jobs, but the people interviewed for these articles bought their Euro Houses to use as vacation homes. So they won’t become regular residents who contribute to town life, but will remain occasional visitors.

  • Yes, which defeats the purpose, really.
    Apart from freelancers working from home or the occasional Airbnb-er, I can’t imagine who would settle in a small, remote town in the south of Italy where they don’t speak the language.

    The postcard pictures look nice, and so do the picture of Spritz and wine. But what happens when the Spritz is over is yet to be revealed.
    I guess the answer is: nothing much.

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  • [quote='Rice','']

    Italian lessons start after the spritz?


    I guess after the Spritz is over one lounges for the airport!

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  • all this castle talk makes me think of "Connor McCloud", Christopher Lambert in the Highlander.....such a great series and film.......he is really such a classy bad ass actor, without being ordinary, in my opinion!!!!!

    And while we are now at it......just watched Braveheart with Mel Gibson......also a great great movie from the highlands of Scotland.....

    Without knowing, I would make a bet that serafina would like Christopher Lambert.....8o

  • I can't even see the list of names to find out if I'm in line for a castle. Not that I'd want one anyway. I have enough maintenance jobs in this old house to do to prevent it from falling to bits.

  • the problem with those deals are that there is a had similar stuff in an old knights castle .......great idea, except, it's not just to move in and start repairing, nooooo, you are forced to do it......and properly, under the budgets already made!!!!!! So maybe castle is 1 euro, but the FORCED repair 5 million.......which you cannot delay or skip!!!!

  • Some fifteen years ago I was on a forum called Expats in Italy. Some members had bought derelict properties in little quaint towns in the centre and south of Italy. Except that the renovation part turned into nightmare as there were limitations and/or specific requirements on renovations in historical centers, plus most foreigner didn't speak Italian at all and the locals were looking to take advantage of wealthy (to their eyes) expats.

    Some people got burnt... but some were able to fulfill their dream of living in their ancestors' hometown or to be able to say 'I have a vacation home in Italy'.

    They can be a good vacation home for retired people with a foreign pensions, but if you are a freelancer, even if the cost of living is significantly low, the heavy taxation (48%) is a scarecrow for many.

  • Similar sort of thing happened in Scotland when 'incomers' bought old historical property. They used to be able to apply for grants however there were strict guidlines on what you could and couldn't do to the properties and the way the work had to be done. Hence it usually ended up costing a fortune to make them habitable even with the grants. The local buiders did alright out of it though.