Shopping for jeans experience.

  • With the arrival of some family members from Scotland only a couple of weeks away I decided I needed a new pair of jeans.....the ones I was wearing were bought from a Glasgow supermarket for around a tenner many years ago. :whistling:

    I've never been a great clothes buyer and will happily wear what I have until it falls to pieces....I've been the same weight for the last twenty years so haven't had problems with clothes no longer fitting me. The missus however put her foot down and said my jeans were a tad loose especially at the bum and the material too thick for the hot weather. To be honest I had to agree with her.

    First stop was Cardon. Well the shop was empty and the two female shop assistants looked bored to tears. When I asked the price of their jeans I realised why they didn't have any customers....4,200 pesos was the average cost per pair. Soon as I heard that I told the wife no way....the styles they had were not to my taste anyway.

    Next stop was a shop that my wife has used for over 20 years. Although we hadn't been in for ages the owner recognised and greeted us....they did at least have other customers in. The lady who served us was very cheery and without being pushy encouraged us to try on as many jeans as we wanted.

    I was given two pairs after telling her no way did I want drainpipes, The first pair were awful...hipster style with very little crotch room and were swiftly discarded. The second pair with the UFO label were grudgingly tried on but much to my surprise, apart from the length, fitted perfectly. Not too tight not too loose and very comfortable material. When I heard they only cost 1400 pesos the deal was done. My wife ended up also buying a couple of pairs due to the quality fit and price. We paid but left them in the shop for the length to be taken up which only costs 85 pesos a pair.

    All in all I left very happy despite entering a tad on the grumpy side. So we ended up getting three pairs of jeans for the price of one at Cardon. :thumbup:

  • I had a quiet week a while ago and decided to go to Villa Crespo, which is the hood next to mine, to shop for clothes. I have been wearing the same things forever and my husband says I looked cool in the ‘90s.

    Anyway, there are 3x3 blocks of ‘outlets’ which is a word also used in Italy to indicate shops that sell directly from factory to customers for a reduced price. I am just adding this because in the Anglophone world an outlet is just a shop.

    We went to Cardón’s outlet and I am not much into the country-chick style women wear here. However, I found a colorful shirt, it was bright, fitted alright. The cotton was too heavy for a summer shirt, the price was about 4500 ars. Which is the same as in similar shops in a Europe, but with better textile quality. I was not impressed and left.

    I visited also a few shoes shops but my size (41) is reserved to spinsters, apparently. Boy, were they awful! I am probably spoiled with fashion stores in Milan, but here the taste is very different and the prices as well!

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  • I hate shopping for clothes just like UK Man and I also get very irritable if I'm doing it with someone else, so I'm better left to my own devices really.

    Last March I bought several pairs of jeans at Primark in Hereford for £10 each and luckily, I don't put on much weight either, so I bought enough pairs to see me through until the next trip. In fact I've still got one pair in the wardrobe that I haven't even tried on yet.

    I refuse to pay Argentine prices for jeans, full stop. Gadgets are different.

  • I'm not a fan of most clothing to be found here either. Years ago when we used to come on holiday from Scotland it was empty suitcases to here, full ones going back as the prices and quality were far superior but not any more. Now it's the other way about for almost everything not just clothes. My wife was always a Cardon fan and even she agrees it's gone downhill.

    In the UK I used to get a lot of my clothes from Debenhams but also got some things from Primark. :thumbup:

  • Primark is a shopping Mecca!!

    They're one reason why the likes of M&S, John Lewis, Debenhams are having such a tough time of it at the moment. Let's hope there remains room for them all. I would hate the UK high streets to become full of 'low cost' shops.

    Grandfare started it all IIRC.

  • Lacoste is consistent in quality also here, but the price is high. They also seem to have limited style/sizes available here.

    I got a Lacoste as well as lots of other well known brand name clothing in a famous Beijing street market . The quality of the stuff still amazes me considering it was over 15 years ago I bought it for very little money. I still use some of it. Should say I'm not into 'labels' and happily tell people where I got it if they ask. ^^