Favourite Argentine words and sayings

  • Now that we've finished Monzón - A Knockout Blow on Netflix - which was terrific by the way, I now know the possible origins of pipí cucú, the charming expletive for when something is excellent. A bit like impecable, for example.

    In 1974, Carlos Monzón went to Paris to receive a prize from Giscard d'Estaing (when he was mayor) for the best sportsman and his manager and others tried to get him to memorise merci beaucoup over and over again.But when the moment came to say thank you, all he could manage was pipí cucú!

    It's also said that the saying may have come from the US acronym PQ, meaning Perfect Quality (PPQQ), which sounds much more likely to be honest.

    Anyway, it has thankfully become part of the Argentine lexicon, thanks mainly to Monzón.

    Here's a hilarious video where Cherquis Bialo explains how it all came about in Paris that day.