Mercadoenvío and shipping

  • I am buying three different items on Mercadolibre for a friend, and one uses Mercadoenvío. I don't know the difference with the standard shipping. The shipping cost is about the same. Do anybody know?

    And talking about shipping, I have one item in delivery today but I don't understand if the mailman is going to ring the buzzer or just dropping the packet in the mailbox (which is common for the whole building and locked until Monday when the cleaning lady is back).

    This is what I see on the tracking page (which is usually updated a few hours later)

  • im a big fan of ML and use it quite as a dream, close to European standard...... specially I u have claims of weight or bad items.

    Regarding the updating: sometimes happens hours after delivery......late!

    Anyway I have the impression the delivery people are more than interested in getting the stuff delivered......many times called me to arrange how to deliver an item.....a few times they just threw it over my wall, (not sensitive items, car parts).

    So I guess u will get the package before anything shows up in system!!!!

    Btw, I buy a lot stuff with shipping included......never had any problems!!!

  • yes I think it's like that......the advantage is, it works like a dream, also if u need to return items.....u print a sticker via ML, drop it by the local post office, without paying, and money get credited directly after the drop off!