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  • Southern Right Whales in Puerto Madryn

    November 17, 2014 during high tide (around 4:15pm) three Southern Right Whales swimming together when a gull lands on one; then it speaks for us

  • Past nine months have been a blur...while in AR last half of 2019, we were in BA, drove to La Cumbre, Córdoba; and from there road tripped the remaining provinces of AR that we hadn’t visited (see graphic). We walked across the border in Formosa to Paraguay, and mostly checked out each town we stayed in by foot. It was about a two-week drive back to BA. Altogether, we love Argentina.

    We left AR in late December, and then I was off to the UK and Canada for business. When Canada began talking about closing borders with the US, I hit the road back to the Lone Star by car. How about you?

  • You had greater adventures than we did. We left Hawaíi in late March, as flights to the mainland were being pulled; hunkered down in New Orleans for about 10 weeks, and have become hermits in the woods of Michigan since mid-June.

    Glad you got back to Texas. Are you still there? Family safe from the virus? Will you try to get back to Argentina when borders reopen?

  • So far, two family member cases, two friends of friends who’ve not survived, and have many (over 40, now) colleagues in NYC who have contracted COVID-19 or family members have, some having not survived. This virus seems to have affected those who don’t have an ability to remain at home for work disproportionately.

    As for AR trips, no idea, yet. We’re keeping a close eye on how things are going.

    Michigan sounds nice. I drove through Algonac on the way in from Canada. Beautiful drive.

  • OMG, GMXam , you know more people affected by this virus than anyone I know. Are you still in TX? I see the state has had 57,000 new cases in the past 7 days, more than any other state - - and more than nearly any country.

    Yes, this virus definitely is disproportionately infecting people who don’t have a choice about staying at home. Yet the loudest voices complaining about masks seem to come from people who aren’t forced to be out in the workplace rather than people designated as essential workers, who have no choice.

    Please stay safe!

    Eager to hear your thoughts about other forum topics.