Spanish classes 300 arg$/hr

  • sure,

    I am an architect and a professor, i am 47 and i am back in the country after 20 years.

    I lived in US, mainly in Miami and NYC for 12 yrs. after that i moved to Singapore.

    I also Worked for a bit in PRC and i absolutely fall in love withe culture.

    I am also have been study Chinese for a number of yrs ,

    In a more personal note I am married, and I also picked up the ukulele and the guitar, the uk is a lot of fun, i totally recommend it for those that want to pick up an instrument, its very easy and you will be playing from the very first moment u pick it up, and there is a lot of help on you tube, its really fun, now, in the other hand the guitar at least in my experience is very hard on the late beginners, like myself, you have to spend a lot of time and effort before to see any result at all, but is a very rewarding experience.

    i hope this is good for an introduction,

  • Marcelo, playing the guitar is one of the main requirements to become president here in the that why you wanted to start playing guitar and ukulele?????