Rumours of armed FARC, Shining Path and Campora ready for a coup tomorrow

  • This one has been doing the rounds for a couple of days now and is based on alleged intelligence report from AFI (ex SIDE)

    FF team is in Jujuy planning a social (?) coup togher with Farc, Shining Path, Chavistas and La Campora and in the event of FF not gaining enough votes (hellooooo?), they will move to action with arms stolen during CFKs reign.(including .223 sniper rounds apparently).

    It's also saying that Maduro is supporting this so called action.

    Trump has apparently called Macri to say that he has troops ready and waiting in Uruguay, should Macri need them.

    I call scaremongering.


  • Argentina have been Fairly quite the last long quite I think.......

    I posted some time ago some info I got around 2 years ago from a military/police/Duane guy......he told exactly same stuff.....that something was cooking...... seriously cooking!

    It can be scaremongering......but look around south America.......

    And also don't under estimate the fire power of these people.....they are LOADED with high power weapons!!!!!!! Mathias Molle, a campora front man was director of RENAR/ANMAC many years......the amount of high caliber guns, assault rifles and millions of ammo etc not accounted for is scary!!!!! Just keep in's not all fat monkeys like the ones making piquetes!!!!

  • This seems really far-fetched, even considering the recent and current events in neighbor countries.

    The part about Trump offering aid made me laugh out loud. There just wouldn’t be enough in it for him personally.

  • its not about money straight's about power and influence!!!!

    Anyway it's highly exaggerated for sure.......I guess someone would have noticed troups building up some 50 km away or???...... hahaha......

    The guy is also very generic in his arguments......and some of them totally picked out of the air I think.....(the ammo thing). Yes a lot went missing.....but it's long ago, years ago....sounds like his is building up a whole story from some points he have read quick in background info.

  • if shtf seriously, we will all go and live by UK Man , since it will be easy to reach with the new highway going through the backyard.... hahahaha


  • then we end up by a very Argentina question: who is gonna do the work n get da potatoe on da grill.......????

    Chasing the cows around the field: give me a bottle booze and I do it..... hahahaha

  • Just seen this thread...what I'd like to know is how did it start with some K nutter and his threats and ended up being about me and my ex-cattle? :scratchead:

    Are you all on the booze before the election? :D