Black school employee fired in Wisconsin for using the n-word

  • A black man employed as an aide at a school in Wisconsin has been fired after he asked a pupil not to call him a nigger. In other words, he was simply using the word in context, i.e. 'Don't call me a nigger.', after the pupil had used the word dozens of times against him.

    This seems completely illogical to me and implies that any pupil can call a black person a nigger and get away with it, but that the word cannot be used in context as a form of reply when being attacked in this way.

    Jane Belmore, the district superintendent, said their policy "that racial slurs will not be tolerated when said by anyone in any school setting no matter what the circumstances" was created "in an effort to unequivocally protect students from harm, no matter the intent".

    How about protecting school employees from asshole students?

    The aide should be reinstated straight away in my opinion and the pupil sanctioned.

    US black school aide fired for rebuking boy's use of n-word

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  • totally absurd...... anyway, reminds me of a television spot some years ago here in Argentina......was in a campaign against macho behavior and the spot there is a woman getting angry on her husband/boyfriend at home, telling him what an idiot moron he is and so on.....then the guy opens the mouth and say something like shut up stupid cow.....then the clip ends with "if u r also being abused and discriminated by a man, don't accept it, report it"

    I was caught with mouth open......

    So basically the clip said this, you can tell anything u want to someone, but u should not accept to be told anything from a man.......first I thought it was a comedy clip or something like that, but it was serious!!!!!

    Haha to funny!!!!

    Ur story is thwarted with the same stupidity!!!!