Learjets and Loyalty Day

  • Day of Loyalty (Dia de la Lealtad) is when Peronists celebrate Peron's return from exile in 1973, aka San Peron.

    This year's chori restival was no different and so Alberto and Axel hired a Learjet to travel to La Pampa with other Peronists arriving in similar private jets and fleets of luxury buses.

    Nothing quite like setting an example in a country with an economy the way it is. Brazen doesn't quite describe this bunch.

  • I have stopped taking them serious loooooooong time ago......

    Reminds me of the asado with thousands of kilo meat some time ago.......and all the same people flown in, in individual jets.....no jet pooling there.....hahaha to funny!!!

    But at least kickmealot is touring in a humble old Renault Clio........when driving around the corner.......because rest of trip is in a luxurious car hahahaha...