Interpreting Trump

  • Italian President Sergio Mattarella is visiting the White House and Trump gave a speech / press conference yesterday.

    The Italian interpreter's face has become a meme. She faced several challenges, and had to keep a straight face while President Trump was commenting on the great relationship between the US and Italy since the time of the Ancient Romans and "you go to Europe and the roads are opposite" 🙄


  • Haven’t you seen the videos of Marcus Aurelius at the Washington Monument? Or of Julius Caesar admiring himself in the reflecting pool?

    Also, I read but haven’t confirmed that tRump referred to the president of Italy as President Mozzarella. I’d love to see the translator’s face as that came flying out of his mouth!

  • I don't think he said Mozzarella, but he babbled something unintelligible. He doesn't strike me as the kind of diplomat who learn how to pronounce other people's name beforehand...

    A big shout out also to whoever is in charge to provide minutes transcript of Trump's press releases... it must be a real exercise of punctuation to try to put together the continuous interruptions and nonsense he utters.

    Yesterday's meeting minute is here, for those interested in this syntaxis exercise!

    The ancient Romans are gone, replaced by

    'We’ve had a great relationship with Italy for a long time. I don’t think it’s ever been closer than it is now.'

    But the reference to British roads is still there (apparently, Trump never noticed that in all Europe, only in the UK and Malta they drive on the left hand side of the road...)


    Q Mr. President, how was your meeting with the Dunn family yesterday?

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: My meeting with the family was really — it was beautiful, in a certain way. They did not want to meet with the person in question. But we had a very good meeting. They’re very nice people. And we met with the full group. It was four people, actually, as you — you know how it’s all broken up. And the meeting took place right here at about 6 o’clock last night, and it was very sad, to be honest. She lost, and they lost, their son. I believe it was going down the wrong way, because that happens in Europe. You go to Europe and the roads are opposite. And it’s very tough.

    If you’re from the United States, you do make that decision to make a right turn where you’re supposed to make a left turn. The roads are opposite. And she said that’s what happened. That happens to a lot of people, by the way. But she said that’s what happened.

    But what makes it even more gruesome, is what he is referring to. This is the news on The Guardian:

    When the grieving parents of Harry Dunn arrived from the UK at the White House, they never expected to meet Donald Trump. Their only hope was to get justice for their son, a British teen killed by a reckless American diplomatic wife driving a car.

    Trump met with the parents. But instead of promising to allow the British police to prosecute Anne Sacoolas, who fled to the United States after striking and killing the 19-year-old, he had a far more odious idea: convince the family to meet Saccolas in front of a pool of photographers.

  • He is poison.

    And diplomatic immunity should be abolished. A crime is a crime. The driver has even admitted what she did! But unlike any other driver who kills someone, she doesn’t have to face justice. And she is too cowardly to do the right thing.