Museum Night - November 2, 2019

  • One of my favorite annual events! I just wish it started earlier, because the 8 pm start time always seems to limit us to about 3 places before we want to start wandering home.

    The Sarmiento Museum in Belgrano is an interesting place for the building alone, and it isn’t always easy to find it open.

  • On Museum Night we went to ESMA, site of the captivity and torture of people swept up by the unrestrained military government between 1976 and 1983. It is now a museum dedicated to human rights

    Visiting this site of such horror and unfettered abuse of power in the darkest moment of the nation’s history was extremely moving. But even more so was the opportunity to sit down at small tables for one-on-one conversations with people who experienced the full terror because members of their own families had been kidnapped and killed.

    We talked with a man named Daniel, whose brother, doing his military service at the site, had talked with people about his suspicions and was subsequently “disappeared.” As often happened, the parents and family were also kidnapped and were never again seen. The only survivor in the family was Daniel, whose father, fearing the fate of other youths, had sent him to live elsewhere with a relative.

    The visit to ESMA ended with a multimedia presentation with names, photographs, and fates, of military leaders responsible for the torture and deaths of so many Argentine citizens.

  • Wow, that was quite an experience!

    We were invited to a party near the Obelisk, so we only saw the light installation that projected colorful artwork on the Obelisk. Since it was changing every 20’, we just saw one.

    Avenida Corrientes was packed with people, the many pizzerias had lines even outside of the establishment, on the sidewalk. The buses were jam packed and rarely passed (I think they were running on the regular Saturday night schedule, but there were three times as much people in the city). We took a taxi. Luckily, we were able to get one quickly, as they were also very on demand.

    Downtown Buenos Aires was buzzing with nightlife and it looked like one of those old posts card with people from the Old World swarming on Avenida Corrientes between shiny theaters and pizza parlors, enjoying their new found wealth.

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