New York to Sydney: 20 hour nonstop flight

  • Thirteen hours to London is bad enough, so i don't think I could hack that.

    Maybe if I could lie down in business class.

    I can usually handle well enough long flights due to mobile devices and me falling asleep even before the first dinner is served...

    How did you do before mobile devices and in-flight entertainment?!

  • Pre-mobile devices, People took books on flights.

    Even when I was a child, airlines always had movies on long flights, though there was no choice, as each cabin had only one large screen at the front.

    Before the extreme cost-cutting that came on the heels of 9/11/2001, flying was actually fun! There were more flights without today’s preoccupation with filling every seat. The flight attendants often came through the cabins with snacks and drinks. And both the pitch between seats and the width of the seats were generous enough to allow sleeping. Not to mention that because flights were never full, it was often possible to stretch out across several seats and snooze all night.

    I know it seems hard to believe now, but on a trip to another continent or exotic place, the flight actually was a big part of the anticipation and the fun. (AND neither the number nor the weight of checked bags was restricted. But I digress.)

  • I usually load my iPad with movies before boarding a plane for a long haul flight, but I’d rather use IFE because I don’t have to look after my belongings and I can fall asleep without worrying of my iPad or phone falling.

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