The origin of cashless transactions

  • already as a young lad, in Denmark cash was dieing many places in Scandinavia only accepts virtual money....

    In Argentina, I would never ever ever rely on virtual money.....many told me how things went in 2001/2.....u couldn't access ur money, but ok u could pay with card.....still, what when shops don't accept cards, because they know they will b conned....u r in trouble......

    Beside that, for sure the cashless society is also made to control and monitor people.....even the ones that are clean.

  •, the issue big brother......even for normal, not corrupt people....... again, in a country as Argentina: no way a cashless society would be good for anyone, (except the scammers and banks and institutions earning with it), I really think........just think back to the threads about cancelling cable tv company services.....

    Edit: quite some time ago carrefour charged me a wrong price, fairly large amount in total, like 2500 in total, which should have been half......they fully accepted the wrong doing and told me just to await the wrong amount difference to be credited first debiting 2500 of, then returning half........I'm still waiting for that refund......will never happen!!!

  • Did you get them to commit to the refund, in writing? I’m guessing no one would have been willing to stick his/her/its neck out.

    At the risk of appearing to be a luddite, I’m afraid a cashless society would present unlimited possibilities for scams and corruption.

    I liked some of the comments at the end of the article. Like this one:

    Mike Davies 10 Oct 2019 12:46PM

    My handyman's doing some work on a property tomorrow, fixing an outside waste pipe and clearing the gutters.

    I will put credits "in the book" behind the bar of his local pub.

    The barter system is alive and well.