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  • This certainly doesn’t apply to Argentina alone, but I hope someone will have suggestions.

    We just bought more drinking glasses, which had manufacturer’s stickers so firmly affixed that we could get them off only after an abnormally long soak in hot soapy water. But the adhesive remains. Solvent ideas, anyone?

  • Either the alcohol sold at pharmacies or the nail polisher remover should do the trick.
    I agree that those glues are sometimes so hard to remove!!!

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  • I Go nuts about that also.....

    The easy remove stickers exist for sure some 30-40 years in civilized countries!!!!

    Another good trick: use a heating gun.... the ones for removing paint......the glue get totally liquid and u wipe it of with alc , mail polisher.... or my favorite: wd40!!!!

  • I forgot to add that isopropyl alcohol isn’t touching it. Before buying acetone/nail polish remover (great idea), I’ll try Jan’s idea. The hairdryer won’t get as hot as a heat gun or an acetylene torch, but maybe it will do the trick.


    I went to renew my driving license and the webcam they used to take my picture had an AFIP stick on it larger than the webcam itself. X/

    11th commandment: Thou shalt not import.

  • yea, try it in reverse....first add a lot alcohol, nail polish remover etc., Remember to leave bottles open, then start the blow torch hahahaha

  • When they installed new windows at our place they left stickers on them which in turn left the glue when I peeled them off.

    I used medical alcohol on cotton wool to get it off....the stuff you dab on a cut.

  • Yes. Isopropyl alcohol. I really thought that would work. But this adhesive, like Cher and cockroaches, seems destined to remain for eternity.

    (and why do they put those resistant stickers on windows, ffs?)

  • It took a bit of elbow grease but it did come off eventually. Alcohol gel works as well. Dab some on and leave it for a while then go back to it. Think of it as doing a work out!!

  • I start to think about what could be behind this glue stuff........could it be a protection against re-branding stuff????? If it's that freaking difficult to get rid of the original stickers, might not be profitable to buy some stuff and the re label it and sell under other name!!!!

    I'm a big glass fan....a glass for each drink, each sort and so on, and like to use many different sorts......I see that the glasses I buy, sometimes appear in different places with different names and price tags!!!! Sometimes you have totally bargain glasses in coto, quite high quality, also Cristal glasses...... sometimes I see them in other shops, for totally different prices.....not just double, sometimes 4-10 more!!!!!

  • yes u have a great tip, it works in 100% of the cases and your glasses will appear as NEW or even BETTER after using this trick......

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