Health care costs

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    New hear and was wondering how Expats deal with health care costs, how much is a typical dr appointment? Specialists such as cardiologist, dermatologists, dentist and prescription costs. Are there private insurance coverage available?

    Thank you

  • We have healthcare insurance with Hospital Italiano and we are in the cheapest regimen which includes a certain number of visits per month with the GP, obgyn, eye doctor.

    We pay 9700 pesos (161 usd) for the two of us, and my husband takes the biggest share since he is over 40.
    We have co-pay for other specialistic visits, when our GP ‘authorizes’ they. We can request them on our own but then we would pay them in full.

    A private doctor visit can go from 15 to 80 usd.

    We have private healthcare for urgent care, mostly. The visits have long waiting time even with health insurance. If you want faster visits, you go privately

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  • You should also consider what are the closest practices to you - if you live in the province, it is a wise choice to make sure there is an insurance-owned hospital or large clinic nearby. Affiliated clinics sometimes take decision based on their financial burden and not on your need, in my experience.

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