Parliament vs Congress

  • It's always fascinated me when looking at both the differences and similarities between these two institutions, with the UK parliament comprising the House of Commons and the Lords, and Congress being the Senate and the House of Representatives.

    In light of recent events in the UK, it has to be said that activity in both the Senate and the House of Representatives appears distinctly serene in comparison to the Commons.

  • I've always been amused at the difference between the two bodies. The USA is the brash child of the UK, yet the legislators in the US seem to feel their positions require decorum of them, while members of the House of Commons in our Mother Country love to jump into a brawl with the sublime relish of children leaping into a swimming pool.

    Of course the Executive Branch of the US gov't formerly comported themselves with dignity and statesmanship, though now the t-Rump virus has infected the entire gang. In an argument with a Democratic representative Tuesday night, he president's personal lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani, besides lying for his boss, lit into the other man, calling him a liar, a fool and an idiot. Diplomacy and dignity are dead in the colonies.

  • Shame the above video didn't show the lively arguments, but from what I've seen so far of Congress, compliments of YouTube, there is certainly more decorum where Giuliani style behaviour wouldn't be tolerated.

    In the Commons there is element of back to school and I've always had the impression that, for many at least, it's simply an extension of Eton or some other Tom Brown's Schooldays romp.

  • Well, the arguments don't really seem to get much livelier than the one you attached, with the insults being hidden beneath layers of "I should remind my esteemed colleague..." etc. Sorry - I confused the issue with the Giuliani story: he was not on the floor of the House, as let's hope he never will be, because he is a real New York street fighter, now apparently worse in his growing senility. His attack on Rep Himes of Connecticut was on a television interview.

    I'd never thought about the Back to School element in the Commons, but I see your point.