• To be honest although a tad sceptical I didn't mind her activities on behalf of saving the planet up until that speech she gave the other day. Put me as well as many other people from what I've been reading right off her.

    I now hear she's going to promote 'SQUIRMS' a new sweet confectionary for kids.

  • At least she had the temerity to say what politicians daren't say for fear of their own self interests.

    I find both politicians and activists pain in the arses.....especially the ones who crave publicity.

    As for the environment. I'd rather have a child growing up in Glasgow today than in the days when I was a boy. Back then you couldn't see your outstretched hand because of the smog. All in all the UK has come on leaps and bounds when it comes to environmental issues so we don't have to be lectured to.

    Maybe she should set sail for China and advise them?

  • UK Man ..... u say.....

    Right now China , USA, India, Russia are the worst in polution I think ........buuuuuuut......

    Nobody seems to care about THE FUTURE top poluters. The population in USA does not grow really, so their polution will probably fall from now don't worry that much about them right now....WORRY about the rabbit breeders China and India......billions of habitants that are growing like crazy and as soon as they enter in to full civilization, they will make the globe explode!!!!! No one seems to be interested in trying to stop the increase in the population, how can that be? (I know why I think). Remember how the whole world was totally pissed about the one child policy in China back in time......but seriously that was a quite correct move in the name of the future of the world!!!! The increase in world population need to be slowed, otherwise all other measurements will eventually be a waste!!! I think even Steve Hawkins shared my perspective.....8o

  • A One Child policy for fast-growing countries like China and India is fine if only a SUGGESTION. The terrible thing that China did was to make it MANDATORY, enforcing both by penalizing parents and by committing infanticide.

  • Rice are u serious????? :scratchead:

    How on Earth can u make that voluntary and seriously hope it will prevail????

    Like making prison voluntary too.....the ones that feel like, can go to prison....

    The Asian expansion is not just something maybe yes maybe no......the time of the Earth not being able to support the population u can calculate exactly.....if the growth continues like now in Asian countries......I think the max number is 12-15 billion considered different factors, we already have 7!!!!

    The v8 engines from John Doe becomes quite unimportant!!!!

    The MASSES are the ones that will at the end terminate the world, not some hundred million Americans or 80 million Germans or 40 million Argentinians.

    It's unpleasant to talk about, but it's just facts!!!! Denying it it's just outrageous stupid......but it seems no one have the balls to bring it up!

  • Yes, and they probably didn't do it to save the world, but rather for their own well!!!

    Anyway, u can't get around that those few countries are the danger to the future of planet Earth, China and India. Unpleasant topic, but reality!!! Very few seems to bother about it......

  • Ok......I did not know China was KILLING children back at that idea if that was the case.

    I know they had a strict policy though....

    Rewarding or encouraging the parents not to have more than one, or preferable minus a great idea. The growth curve still looks grim.......

  • Yes, you're right about the growth curve being appalling. Their populations are already so extremely high that it would be nearly impossible to rein them in, in future generations. But I don't see anyone really trying.

  • I still maintain that she said all the right things that politicians won't say, in spite of the irritation factor.



    Stolen from a friend:

    It’s hilarious, all these school kids preaching to us oldies that we buggered up the planet! Back in the 60’s and 70’s not a plastic bottle to be seen it was all glass that were reused, pop bottles taken back to the shop. No plastic bags, loose food was brown paper bags, all sweets were bought in 1/4lb put in a paper bag. Mothers used shopping trolleys to carry heavy stuff or used a linen bag. You walked to school from 5yo to 16yo not jumping into mummy’s 4+4. No McDonald’s or Burger King plastic toys, no polystyrene food boxes for you to litter the streets with, we had used newspapers to wrap our hot food in. Our milk was delivered at 5 am 6 days a week by a milkman who drove an electric vehicle! Holidays were in a caravan in Britain not an aeroplane to far off destinations. So I think these youngsters need to take a look in a recycled mirror and think was it my wasteful generation who are fucking up the planet...taken off another site, feel free to copy and paste

  • That rant tells me the writer’s PARENTS didn’t screw up the planet. But if his kids or grandkids are tossing plastic bottles and riding everywhere in Mummy’s 4x4, well, who taught them that? Who brought in disposable everything for their kids? Who voted for politicians who still today, insist that humans and our pollution aren’t causing climate change?

    I think these kids are right. We have screwed it up and we need to get out there and help to correct the problems.