Windows 10 problem with the wife's laptop.

  • She bought the laptop just over a year ago which I guess means the warranty has run out. She switched it on last week and got a blue screen telling her something or other....sorry, I can't remember exactly what it said.

    Anyway I tried to put things right via Google searches but didn't want to mess about with it too much in case I lost her stuff. So I suggested she take it to a computer guy she's known since they were kids....he lives around the corner from her mum.

    This she did....despite him being a pleasant chap I think he's a bit of a shark. He's now had it for a week and every time she phoned him he says he's awfully other words he's got bigger fish to fry. He always charges her the going rate so it's not as if she expects to get it fixed for nothing.

    Anyway, today after he refused to answer her calls he got back to her and told her the hard drive is f'cked and it'll cost her 4000 pesos to fix it.

    Any of you in the know about such things have any idea if he's at it or not?

  • UK Man if you suspect he's a shark, he probably is, without wishing to sound rude.

    It's unlikely that the hard drive has packed up after one year and the blue screen is usually known as the blue screen of death (BSOD) which could indicate any number of issues.

    It could be a corrupt system file, a Windows update that went wrong, memory problem. Difficult to say without seeing it.

    Make and model number?

    I'd be happy to take a look at it since that's my day job.

  • Cheers Splinter. :thumbup:It's an HP make no idea of the model number as he's still got it. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he just said it needed a new hard drive hoping she'd say okay. She bought a new Laserjet printer off him and it's been nothing but trouble. Once she gets it back off him I'll update with more info and let you know what it says when it's turned on.

  • To add it's a Lenovo laptop. I typed Lenovo into Google it returned my last search of the error I got on the blue screen.

    Blue screen error code 0x000000f is a most common issue faced by Lenovo users. The reason for occurring this error code is running Windows 7 or 8 while trying to create a window system repair disc on another device. ... Ensure that full right or administrator privileges in order to access the laptop system of Lenovo

  • Lenovo is a very good make and I usually recommend them to my customers.

    In situations like this, I always back up the data (if any), format the hard drive and do a clean Windows install.

    It's possible that it had Windows 8 before and was upgraded to 10, but that in itself shouldn't really cause a blue screen.

    Having said that, one could faff around for hours trying to find the cause, but once everything is backed up, there's a clear path to a fresh install.

    By the way, I'm not suggesting that your man is a crook, but a one year old laptop hard drive fail would be very unusual. It happens, yes, but I'm not suspecting that.

    Let me know how you want to handle it UK Man


    If it's a year old it wouldn't have had Windows 8 installed. Windows 10 would have been pre-installed.

  • Thanks....Quite possible it was upgraded to Windows 10. As soon as we get it back I'll see exactly what it says when switched on. A fresh Windows install is certainly much better than shelling out 4000 pesos for a new hard drive.

    Will update when I get my hands on it.

  • Back home now with the laptop.....we caught him off guard as his shop was closed but he was messing about outside his house. He looked a bit sheepish when the wife collared him and asked for the laptop.

    Too tired to faff about now so will fire it up tomorrow and let you know how it goes Splinter.