Some great German words to spice up your day!

  • Fernweh - longing for a far off place. In Welsh this could hiraeth.

    Schnapsidee - idea that comes from drinking too much Schnapps. Been there, done that, love it.

    Torschlusspanik - fear that you’ve missed out.

    Mutterseelenallein - forever alone :(

    Hotel Mama - living with mum and dad :wt-hell:

    Lebensabschnittspartner - part-of-life partner

    Zukunftsangst - fear of the future

    Lebenskunst - the art of living

    And my favourite - schadenfreude, the pleasure you get from someone else's misfortune.

  • We used to enjoy doing a lot of travel with my parents. My father could get around in French-speaking countries well enough, but he knew just enough German to be if not dangerous, then at least humorous. Once he was asking for the bus stop, or thought he was, and later was dismayed to realize he was asking strangers about women's underwear.

    Bus stop - Bushaltestelle

    Bra - Büstenhalter

    See why we enjoyed traveling together? Never a dull or predictable moment.