The World War II Diet That Saved Britain

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  • What a national hero Drummond was! And what a sad ending to the otherwise uplifting story about the importance one person can have on so many lives. Thanks, Richard Pedersen !

    This description brought back memories:

    "For example, an 18th-century “country gentleman” sat down to a typical dinner: First course of cod, some mutton, some soup, a chicken pie. Second course pigeons and asparagus, fillet of veal with mushrooms, roasted sweetbreads, hot lobster, apricot tart. Dessert a pyramid of syllabubs and jellies with white port."

    Not that I have ever witnessed a meal like that, but it made me remember a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum, which had a suite of rooms devoted to Victorian life. The biggest visual impact was of a banquet table, set with all the usual pomp, silver and china, but with the poultry course as its centerpiece: A great white swan.