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  • Maldonado case

    How the Maldonado family have managed to get the case opened again.......:facepalm:

    This time under the claim of abandoning someone......of course first claim is against the gendarmería, not the mapuches that was running with him and escaping, or the muppet with the monocular that saw him or or or.....

    Dios mío....


  • Excuse me?! If ever, his “friends” have abandoned him.
    Are these people smoking pot while trying to find a legal ground to make some media noise? Don’t they have anything better to do with their life?

    How much money has the public system spent to address these claims? From the court staff filing the cause to the secretaries, judges, clerks, etc. what a waste of time!

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  • Hahaha now I start to think of the film with Jim Carrey, "me, myself and Irene"....

    Hahahaha so hilarious that scene....with the cow ......thinking the cow is dead etc.

    Never say never!