Mistaken for a burglar, husband and father of one was chased and killed

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  • Among the many bad news we read on the Internet, this one really struck a chord with me.

    Jonathan Ezequiel Sagardoy was a young man (32) living in Villa Ballester, husband and father to a daughter (4). He was an employee at Easy.

    He was in his car with his brother in law in the car behind his, after a night out. He wanted to stop-by at a friend's to say he couldn't stay, but when he stopped the car, a horde of angry neighbors mistook Jonathan for a burglar and shot him... twice.

    He thought he was being assaulted, that he was being robbed. Instead, apparently some neighbors were having an asado when one of them mentioned he had seen a minivan like the one of a burglar who had sacked the house of one of them 10 days before.

    Jonathan had the same model of van, and the neighbors thought it was the same burglar that came to steal 10 days ago, as they saw him drive twice around the block. Jonathan lived 4 blocks away.

    He died in hospital after suffering for two days because of the internal lesions the shot cause him.

    The news on BAE and La Nación.



  • What a terrible story! That poor young daughter, and this man’s life lost because of angry, vigilante neighbors who were apparently armed to the teeth.