BA protest watch

  • Thats for sure......I would bet my shorts on that!!!!! He is smelling the new money......with FF he can get his filthy hand in the box again.....(not referring to the pedo stuff).

    I will need to stop reading ANY news from December on then.....

  • Show me who your friends are, and I will tell who you are.......

    After 6 years......I think you can get a quite good pic of the guy......

    I think we can double up on @splinters remark.......will he visit Argentina 2020 if FF wins??????


  • Good grief! I never saw photos like that in La Nacion of Clarin after the election. I guess Macri wasn't their choice, eh?

    (Is that a Man Bun on the thug in the blue pants? Is he a wannabe ninja?)

  • Yesterday I rode to Quilmes but missed the port road at the Lugones toll and ended up on 9 de Julio - big mistake. It was cut off by protesters at the Obelisk with the police watching on as usual.

    But I managed to sneak around them with some other bikers and then hit yet another block further down with hundreds of riot police just standing around, but again, not moving them on.

    Again, I managed to sneak past the blockage, but the police were stopping cars and not bikes. I wish I'd had my GoPro cheapo-look-alike fitted so I could capture the scenes, so I rigged it up today as I'm sure there will be plenty of other opportunities.

    I simply fail to understand why the authorities allow roads to be blocked every f**ing day.

    Still. the ride was great and I came back vis the newly laid out Puerto Madero route, thus avoiding the 9 de Julio bolonki.

  • Oh, it will be interesting to see the videos you shoot!

    Action cams come in hundreds of varieties with most being knock-offs of the original GoPro. Mine is a cheap Chinese version I found on sale for about £40 in Tesco on my last trip to the UK.

    I tested it yesterday and although the picture is acceptable - just - the sound is pretty awful. Anyway, I'm going to give it another go today down Libertador to Retiro and then across to Caballito.

    Saturdays and Sundays are always good days for riding into the centre.

    The reason?

    The Find Beer Mission.

  • The Find Beer Mission.

    Are you looking to buy or to drink?

    There is a small food joint near my house that has an amazing beer, but their hours are pretty limited. They also sell food and growlers of beer.

    Lekker Smokehouse, Honduras 4416

    normally he only opens at night Tuesday-Saturday, but occasionally he’s in the mood to open Sunday lunch, and posts it on his Instagram account

  • Ah, shades of clandestine hunts for illicit alcohol during the the American Prohibition era! You’d better keep one eye on your mirrors, Splinter, because you may be inadvertently leading other Old Speckled Hen lovers to your source.

    (And keep that camera turned on!)

  • 9 de Julio was completely blocked by a protest today - again!

    Seriously, what gives these people the right to block streets and make people's live a living hell?


    The police were diverting traffic but I and several other bikers ignored them.


    If anyone is interested who Comandante Santucho is: