Francis Mallmann

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  • Never heard of him. The link doesn't work for me either however searching his name on YouTube brings up many videos about him. No time to watch at the mo but shall later.

  • Primal is the key word here, which I why i delight in preparing the fire for an asado. Not to mention the ritual of the entire performance.

    It's also deeply relaxing, especially with a beer in hand.

    I used to make them regularly even weekly in summer. However over the last couple of years I've lost the enthusiasm for it. I've increasingly found the end result hasn't matched the effort I put in.

  • UK Man, why don't you try some alternative BBQ style?

    I am sure JAN is very well versed. You should try doing smoked BBQ, the meat is much more tender and flavored. Almost a different kind of meal.

    Francis Mallman does underground meat cooking at one of his restaurants in Patagonia. It is in a very remote area.

    In the Netflix documentary I saw, he explained that underground cooking is a traditional way of cooking of the native people. I heard this also when visiting Famatina (Salta province) where I saw advertised by the local butcher 'cow heads' as a treat. Our guide for the day explained that they put slow-burning embers in a hole dug in the ground, then the cow's head and some vegetables (usually, potatoes), then they cover it with the soil and take it out at the end of the day.

    I can't recall if you have Netflix. If you do, this is the episode on Francis Malman. The trailer shows also the earth oven he does in Patagonia.

    After a little digging (ah-ah) on the internet, I found out this is called earth oven.

    I have also this step-by-step guide:…erground-Cheap-BBQ-Grill/

  • serafina

    Yep u r right, I do so BBQ now n then :D

    I also have a big smoker, but mostly I make asado only semi smoked......I worked together with a friend here, Stuart, in one of the first burger joints and smoke houses......after a while u just cannot eat smoked food a point, I just couldn't eat one small bit.....

    Now I do eat smoked, but I combine it with normal asado grilling, simply by adding wet wood to the carbon and put a hood on the grill........that way u get a nice parilla grilled asado, but with a great reddish colored semi smoked taste.

    When we make asado here on the street, we of course make it on a cross, so that the meat get grilled by the smoke and the hot air......that original Argentinian way is still for me the top way to do it. Anyhow, u need to b a big family or big party for making complete 8-15 kg asado.

  • UK Man, why don't you try some alternative BBQ style?

    My wife is a very fussy rubs or sauces allowed. I do occasionally cold smoke merluza....she doesn't like fish so as I make it for myself I can have it any way I want.

    I still like to BBQ just don't do it as often as I used to. Now only do it when the weather is nice and I have plenty time to relax. However the end result especially with beef seems to be a bit of a lottery.