Argentina is on the edge of an economic abyss?

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  • According to Santiago Fraschina in an op ed at


    The causes of the crisis should not be sought in the outcome of the last elections (Paso), but rather they show the inconsistency and unsustainability of an economic model.

    Reading the numbers is like watching a horror story unfold and many are predicting Corralito 2. I hope not.

    Open this article in Chrome and have Google translate it if the Spanish is a little tricky.…raso-la-economia-n5051482

  • I am not well versed in economy nor finance, but I don’t understand why opening imports leads to a catastrophe.
    Uruguay does it, Chile does it, and they are not on the verge of yet another financial and economical disaster.

    I am mentioning Chile and Uruguay because they are neighboring countries, but there are many countries that are not a world economy power who manage to have serious imports without affecting local production to the point that it is considered the cause of the country’s economic despair.

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